The Down And Dirty

I’m back from the beach. Had a great time. Weather was even somewhat nice. Saturday there was a break in the rain. I took a nice long walk up the beach, and it was even wind-free! Almost unheard of this time of year on the Oregon Coast. There were nine of us total. We chatted, worked, ate, chatted more, worked, worked, worked, laughed and had a fairly relaxing weekend.


This is me working:

I look semi-productive, don’t I? HA!!! I got nothing done! Gah. Talk about frustrating. My WIP is driving me loco. I won’t bore you with details here, but if you’re interested, I whined about it (and am seeking advice) over at Romance Worth Killing For.

And this is me realizing I was getting crap done:

Pretty, huh? Yeah. That’s basically how I felt all weekend. Like tearing my hair out at the roots. I did manage to take my frustrations out on the ping-pong table (and Lisa and Piper). I have a feeling they don’t want to play ping-pong again with me anytime soon.

How was your weekend? Anyone more productive than moi????