Me – Sorta

Lisa‘s giving me crap for being what she calls a two-posts-per-week blogger. Yeah, whatever. And here I thought I was saving you all from reading about my frustrations with the WIP.

What have I been doing? Reading. Finished Nora’s Vamp trilogy – it’s a bloody one, so I’m warning anyone who’s thinking of reading it. I actually liked it regardless, but then I like most of her stuff (there are some exceptions) and bloody doesn’t necessarily bother me. (I loved Divine Evil and that was about a satanic cult, so go figure.) Right now I’m reading Alice Sharpe‘s My Sister, Myself and Duplicate Daughter. I have to have these finished before November 28th. Why???? Well, duh…Cindy Gerard‘s latest bodyguard book is coming out that day – Under The Wire. I’m gearing up for that one.

How’s the writing? Don’t ask. I finally – FINALLY – got motivated to get working and what happens? Everyone in my house falls sick with some nasty bug. I’m playing nursemaid, which means the writing’s getting little attention. I’m just crossing my fingers I don’t catch whatever the rest of the petrie dishes are carrying. Odds are I’ll get it right over – um, yeah – Thanksgiving.

Oh, yeah, and my kids are home all week next week – conferences and then the holiday break. I swear, teachers don’t work in the month of November! (My how the tides have turned. I used to be a teacher, so I can get away with making this comment. LOL) And we all know what that means, right? Yup, even less time to write.

See why I only post twice a week?!