Holiday Buzzzzzzzz

Maybe it’s because the WIP is still kicking my butt – I thought I’d made a break-through, was super excited with the new direction, and now am worried it might be too similar to the other proposal I recently finished (at least initially). Maybe it’s because last night I spent some time online reading author blogs and ingested all the stress and worry over deadlines and proposals and fear of success (Yeah, Lisa told me not to do that again). And maybe my anxiety is just related to the fact publishing has to be the slowest industry in the world. Simply put – waiting sucks.

So instead of elaborating on this wonderful (anxious!) mood I’m in, I’m going to direct you to some rather enlightening links. Tess Gerritsen blogged about desperation last Saturday. If you’re an unpub waiting to hit the big time, you should definitely read this one. Allison Brennan blogged about the Nine Marks of a Bestselling Author at Murder She Writes yesterday. Also a good one to read. And finally, in case you missed it, Jenny Crusie has a hilarious blog entry about the ever-anonymous Miss Snark and recent comments the woman(?) made that you just shouldn’t miss.

So happy reading to all. I’m off to get coffee. Hey…maybe caffeine withdrawl is the root of my anxiety!