I’m obsessed with American Idol. I blame this new obsession on Karin Tabke. (Thanks a lot, Karin.) My husband thinks I’m nuts, although he watched it with me last night. It’s so hard not to cringe during this first round. I know I should stop watching, I just can’t. It’s like a train wreck. And as much as I hate Simon Cowell, I can’t wait to see what horrendous words will spew out of his mouth or what ludicrous expressions he’ll make next. I’m sick, I tell you.

Actually, I really am sick. Some flu-like thing. Maybe that’s where the AI obsessession came from. Perhaps it will pass? One can hope. I’m feeling a lot better today, so hopefully I’m on the upswing.

Got news yesterday my brother and his wife (and their baby) are moving to upstate NY next summer. My SIL took a teaching position with a college there. I’m soooo thrilled for them! Although it’s on the other side of the country and I’ll miss them terribly. However, visiting should be fun…as long as it’s not winter. The weather report said it’s like -10 there right now. Brrrrr.

I started a 10-pg a day challenge at Romance Worth Killing For. If you missed it, go look. We have a couple of takers. I was doing really well until I got sick. Yesterday I did nothing – just laid around and vegged, but today I hope to dive right back to work. Wish me luck. If you want to join us, go on over and respond to the post.

Oh, and speaking of RWKF…we have some really exciting things happening over there in the month of February. Big changes. So be sure to come by. There will be prizes! And new bloggers! And fun, fun, fun, so don’t miss it.
What have you been up to lately?