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Safe Sex?

I love Twitter. You just learn all kinds of things.

Today someone on Twitter posted this article from Mrs. Giggles about Things That Should Be Banned From Romance Novels. I’m not going to go through the whole list, but I will point out this part:

Safe sex – or why we protect ourselves during sex
If I see another author having her heroine tell the hero that it is okay if he sticks his pee-pee into her unchartered waters without a condom because she is on the Pill, I will scream. Please don’t tell me that these authors honestly

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Regurgitated Plot?

short synopsis of the movie. I walked out of the theater thinking it reminded me too much of Dance With Wolves. But Carrie hit it spot on…this movie WAS Pocahontas, just done up with special effects.

Okay, I’m a writer. I realize that plots are reworked all the time. I know when you take a story down to its most basic elements, there are really only seven original plots:

Overcoming the monster
Rags to riches
The quest
Voyage and return

I also know that all stories–books and movies–are simply variations on these seven original … Read more »


Seems the topic of the day is backstory. Debbie’s talking about it over at my chapter blog. Caroline Jewel’s talking about it on Kristin Nelson’s blog. Michelle Rowan FB’d she was having trouble weaving it in without info dumping on her readers. Backstory is such a tricky thing to work with. Esp. when other writers wave the “you may not use flashbacks, it’s lazy writing” card in our faces.

I’m a rule-breaker. I don’t put much stock in what the rules say we “should” or “shouldn’t” do. I think you have to write the story the best way … Read more »

Heroes Who Drive You Looney

A couple of weeks ago, Alexis Morgan came and spoke at my local RWA chapter meeting. She was great, had some constructive things to say about finding time for writing in our busy schedules. And she was especially nice to me after her talk when I picked her brain about writing in the paranormal genre. As you all know, I have a new paranormal series starting in May 2010. It follows the descendants of the seven greatest heroes from Greek mythology. I wrote the first book – MARKED – last year, fell in love with the hero and heroine and … Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Ranting

I think blog guilt must be catching up with me. Two posts in two days. Gasp!

So first off, I have to tell you that I debated the pros and cons of this topic for quite a while and finally decided to go with it, even knowing I’m probably going to ruffle a few feathers. But then, you know me. I’m a feather ruffler at heart. 😉

You all know I’ve been a slacker blogger here as of late. I have never been a ranter (well, not usually), and I’ve often gone in fits and starts where it comes to … Read more »

If You’re Serious About Publication

Yesterday at the Mid-Willamette Valley blog there was a discussion about motivation and goals and keeping focused on writing. I’ve been mulling this topic over in my head, thinking about all the things I’ve learned since I sold, and I’m always hesitant to give advice because half the time I don’t even know what I’m doing, let alone feel I can tell someone else what to do to get published. But a couple of writer friends have asked me to talk about the things they can do to help their journey toward publication, and I’m happy to do it. Keep … Read more »

Oh, Baby!

There are babies everywhere!!!

I know five people who have had babies in the last few months and a couple more who are pregnant and due shortly. Yesterday I went to yet another baby shower, this time for a friend who tried for years and years to get pregnant, doing everything science could do for her, was never successful, finally adopted a beautiful little girl, then found out two years later, voila!, she’s pregnant the old fashion way. It’s really a fantastic story, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her, but oh, my God. It seems like everywhere … Read more »


Last night was my RWA meeting. We had the great privilege of having fellow long-distance chapter member and SuperRomance author, Terry McLaughlin, join us from California for the evening. I can’t say enough good things about Terry. She’s one of those people you just love to be around – fun, witty, hilarious. When she talks to you she makes you feel like you’re the only one in the room and that what you have to say is important (I love people like that!). She’s involved in everything – national board for RWA, speaks at conferences and chapter meetings, was … Read more »


How do you feel about the concept of soulmates in romantic fiction? Generally, I’m not wild about it – not in contemporary romances anyway. The idea that there’s only one person you’re destined for . . . it kind of negates the whole “free will” thing in my head. I think people make choices – especially in relationships – and romantic fiction is no different. If you’re open to new experiences and people you’ll find the person who’s right for you. Does that make them your soulmate? I don’t know. I think it makes you lucky.

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WIP update: 4401 words today, 15 pgs.

AND I’M DONE WITH THE WIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!!!

Whew. What a relief. I know there are a lot of things that need to get fixed, but at least the draft is finished. I love revisions, so this is where it gets easier for me. (I know, I’m sick. LOL) I came in right at 98K words – my goal was 95K – so I’m a little over. I’m not stressing though. I ALWAYS have to cut in revisions (I tend to get long-winded, especially with internals. Ay ya ya).

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