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Ripped From The Headlines

Don’t you love that title? I do. One of the crime show dramas uses it as a tagline, and I think it’s great (though I don’t watch those shows so I have no idea which one actually uses it).

I’m not big on watching TV, but I do love to watch the news. Especially when I’m at the gym on the treadmill, beating feet and listening to my ipod. Best way to watch the news actually – no sound, great music, and you get to read the story via closed captioning.

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I’m obsessed with American Idol. I blame this new obsession on Karin Tabke. (Thanks a lot, Karin.) My husband thinks I’m nuts, although he watched it with me last night. It’s so hard not to cringe during this first round. I know I should stop watching, I just can’t. It’s like a train wreck. And as much as I hate Simon Cowell, I can’t wait to see what horrendous words will spew out of his mouth or what ludicrous expressions he’ll make next. I’m sick, I tell you.

Actually, I really am sick. Some flu-like thing. Maybe that’s where
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I’m In Love

Completely, over the moon in love.

With a coffee house.
My DH has been out of town, and we’ve been house-bound because of the snow. As you can imagine, I’ve been going stir crazy locked in the house with my three Gremlins. So when my brother showed up today, out of the blue, and offered to watch my kids so I could escape for a few hours, there was no way I was saying no.
I took the laptop and went in search of someplace quiet to work. Starbucks was too busy (and I knew I’d run into too many
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