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New Blog!

I’m blogging today over at the new NOBODY WRITES IT BETTER blog about kick-ass heroines. Stop by and comment to be entered into a drawing for a copy of STOLEN FURY!… Read more »

Happy Good Friday!

Today I’m over at the Mid-Willamette Valley blog talking about faith (a timely topic given the holiday) and books. Hop (pun intended since Easter is on Sunday) over and leave me a comment!… Read more »

The Pros and Cons of Ranting

I think blog guilt must be catching up with me. Two posts in two days. Gasp!

So first off, I have to tell you that I debated the pros and cons of this topic for quite a while and finally decided to go with it, even knowing I’m probably going to ruffle a few feathers. But then, you know me. I’m a feather ruffler at heart. 😉

You all know I’ve been a slacker blogger here as of late. I have never been a ranter (well, not usually), and I’ve often gone in fits and starts where it comes to … Read more »

Join Me At…

I’m blogging at the Mid-Willamette Valley blog today about random male silliness. Funny videos to share, so pop over and take a look if you’re in the mood for a good chuckle.… Read more »

Fun Stuff

It’s technically spring break, but I’m in Central Oregon on a mini-vacation with the family where it’s been snowing ALL day. We’ve gotten about 8 inches of snow so far today and it just keeps piling up. It feels like a winter wonderland!

I’m blogging over at my chapter blog today about irrational fears – I have my fair share. 😉 Stop by and say hi.

And I’m looking at websites. Which authors – in your opinion – have fab websites?… Read more »

This & That

Hmm…Jan. 2nd to Jan. 20th. Not quite three weeks. This is a blogging improvement!

First of all, some news. The girls at RWKF have decided to take a blogging break. J’s going back to work full time, Lin’s tackling grad school on top of working full time AND writing for Sahmain, and me? Well, I go with the flow. My RWA chapter duties as the new pres. have taken up way more time than I’d like, and I’m still not back to 100% after being sick over the holidays (still fighting this ear infection. GahRead more »

How To Be The Worst Blogger Ever

1. Get sick.

2. Sprinkle in the holidays.

3. Become president of your local RWA chapter (man, is that a time suck).

4. Find a new series you want to read and decide you must go back and read all the books in said series.

5. Get sick again.

6. Get revision suggestions from your agent that leave you scratching your head.

7. Take a mini-vacation to the mountains.

8. Add in a little world-building for good measure.

9. Kick up your workouts because, hey, who needs the new year to be healthy?

10. Spider Solitaire. Need I say more?… Read more »

I Suck At Blogging (But If You Read Nothing Else, Read This One)

I read somewhere you have to blog every day to be a successful blogger. I’m not sure who decides what a successful blogger is, per se, but I think it depends on what you expect to get out of the whole blogging experience in the first place. Since I’m not published (yet), I’m not trying to drum up readers. Instead this blog is a way to stay in touch with my writer friends and make contacts. To offer advice and encouragement. To sometimes vent about the injustices of the publishing world. 😉

So in that vein, I want you … Read more »