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Monsters, Free Books & Hawaii

And finally, now that I’m home my focus is trained on finishing the 2nd book in my Eternal Guardians series. It’s due soon so I may be in and out. But don’t forget to check back soon for deets on my upcoming contest. STOLEN SEDUCTION, the third Stolen book, releases December 29, 2009. It seems so far away, but really it’s not. It’s right around the corner!!… Read more »

Home From Paradise

Wow, the last month feels like a whirlwind. Thankfully, though, I’m home now from all my trips, re-acclimating to real life (so sad!) and counting down the days until school starts up again (2 weeks…can you tell I’m excited!!!!)

The DH and I had a fabulous time in Hawaii. We stayed in a high-end condo in Waikoloa on the big island, which was absolutely beautiful. No view of the ocean, but it did have a wonderful view of the pool, was close to the King & Queen shopping centers, and was only a 5-10 min. walk to the beach. We … Read more »

Good Things

Whew! Finally two minutes of peace. Is anyone else ready to send their kids back to school?

I know I promised to blog about my vacation yesterday, but my editor sent my line edits for STOLEN FURY and I spent all day yesterday working through them. I’m happy to say they’re done and gone this morning, which is a nice thing to have off my plate. Either I’ve grown a thick skin, or I’ve learned to step back from my work and look at things objectively. Honestly, even six months ago I used to cringe when I’d open crits from … Read more »

Fun Stuff

It’s technically spring break, but I’m in Central Oregon on a mini-vacation with the family where it’s been snowing ALL day. We’ve gotten about 8 inches of snow so far today and it just keeps piling up. It feels like a winter wonderland!

I’m blogging over at my chapter blog today about irrational fears – I have my fair share. 😉 Stop by and say hi.

And I’m looking at websites. Which authors – in your opinion – have fab websites?… Read more »

This, That & The Other Thing(s)

), but the Giants are the only NFL team I’ve ever loved. It started in high school when my English teacher used to do soda can bets on the Sunday games. I picked the Giants and have stuck with them since. My mother loves to tell the story of the time (in my sophomore year) she took me to NY and spent the whole day showing me the sites…you know, The Empire State Building, Ellis Island, The Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Tiffany’s…and I, being oh-so-wise, was more impressed driving by Giant Stadium on the way into the … Read more »

Back From Vacation & New Office Space

Hey y’all!

That’s my new southern-ness shining through. 🙂 I’m afraid I’m not very good at it though. Y’all just doesn’t come natural for us Pacific Northwesterners, and I’ll never be able to say it with the gusto my cousin’s hubby from Atlanta can say it. Though I do see the catchability and ease of the phrase and may try to incorporate it now and then, just for fun. So consider yourselves warned. 😉

I know I disappeared after Nationals without a word. Big apologies. Life was hectic after coming home from Dallas, and then we turned around … Read more »