Good Things

Whew! Finally two minutes of peace. Is anyone else ready to send their kids back to school?

I know I promised to blog about my vacation yesterday, but my editor sent my line edits for STOLEN FURY and I spent all day yesterday working through them. I’m happy to say they’re done and gone this morning, which is a nice thing to have off my plate. Either I’ve grown a thick skin, or I’ve learned to step back from my work and look at things objectively. Honestly, even six months ago I used to cringe when I’d open crits from CPs or an email from my agent regarding submissions. These days though, no sweat (well, hardly any anyway). I’m lucky in that I’ve surrounded myself with people – CPs, agent, editor – who know what they’re doing.

My line edits all-in-all weren’t too bad. And while I was deathly afraid of the horror stories I’d heard from some authors about editors rewriting their sentences and effectively changing their voice, that didn’t happen in my case. My editor has a great eye for what doesn’t need to be there or what lines can be moved around to different locations for maximum impact. And while I was a wee bit sad at a few areas we had to trim (mostly secondary character development) the manuscript was not impacted by those changes. It’s still the exact same book I wrote and fell in love with.

As for vacation, I’m still nursing a blister on my hand from playing golf two days in a row. But, boy, it was worth it. I haven’t golfed in probably five years, but apparently I have a natural swing (ROFL…or so my hubby and golf-obsessed friends told me). And I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The second day we took the kids golfing late in the afternoon and that was a hoot. My 3-yr old loved driving the golf cart (on my lap). Putting isn’t his specialty – he runs around and picks up everyone’s balls – but he was happy to have the job of holding my clubs. We swam everyday and I got way more sun than I should have (shhh…don’t tell my mother), and for my g’friend’s birthday the adults went to this beautiful restaurant on Suttle Lake housed in an old boat house. Very fun – and The Lodge at Suttle Lake is absolutely gorgeous. I definitely want to make plans to go back there.

Next trip on my plate is RWA in San Fran. Followed by Hawaii (sans kiddos) less than a week later. The hubby has told me since he’s not taking his laptop to Hawaii, I’m not taking mine (don’t worry, Leah…I can sneak my notebook in my bag if I’m behind), so I guess I’d better get back to the wip.

Do you have any trips planned this summer? If so, where?