Home From Paradise

Wow, the last month feels like a whirlwind. Thankfully, though, I’m home now from all my trips, re-acclimating to real life (so sad!) and counting down the days until school starts up again (2 weeks…can you tell I’m excited!!!!)

The DH and I had a fabulous time in Hawaii. We stayed in a high-end condo in Waikoloa on the big island, which was absolutely beautiful. No view of the ocean, but it did have a wonderful view of the pool, was close to the King & Queen shopping centers, and was only a 5-10 min. walk to the beach. We didn’t “do” anything exciting other than lay on the beach, swim in the ocean, drink like fish and go out to eat. I’d wanted to go see the volcano – which became active again about three weeks ago – but when we learned it was a 3.5 hr. drive one way and another 1.5 hr. hike in to actually see the flow, we decided that was too much time away from our “relaxation” and opted to stay right where we were. The goal of the trip was to relax and recharge our batteries, and that’s exactly what we did.

Since the hubby asked me not to work on our week away, I took eight books with me – not out of the norm for me on vacation. How many did I read? Only two, and one novella on the flight home. (Both of Roxanne St. Claire’s newest Bullet Catcher Books and Cindy Gerard’s latest novella, Desert Heat – all three were great.) In all actuality, I was too stressed to read. You see, I’d printed out Stolen Fury for the DH to read on the beach, per his request. He’d read the first four chapters a while back, but not the entire book. So while he read, all comfy and kicked back in his beach chair, I pretty much sat chewing my nails (and drinking to stay sane). It was nerve-wracking! Especially because he kept putting the book down and heading off to swim. Now, you have to know my hubby. He’s not a swimmer. Not really. He likes the water, but swimming isn’t his favorite pasttime. So finally, at the end of my rope, I just asked what was up. Did he not like the book? Was it not holding his attention? What was the deal?!

His answer? “It’s hot! And we’re here with friends! I have to keep heading off to the water to cool down!”

Okay…that answer made me smile. 🙂 The DH got brownie points for that one.

I would definitely go back to Waikoloa. The beaches are beautiful. Hapuna Beach up the road from us was white sand with that turquoise blue water you associate with the Caribbean. The Hilton Waikoloa resort was gorgeous and definitely a place we want to visit again with the kids. (It’s so big, they have a tram that travels from one end of the resort to the other!). And the weather was just perfect.

So here are a few pics from the trip…

Dinner at Roy’s in Waikoloa.

What I love most about Hawaii is that all the islands are different. Maui is completely different in landscape and lifestyle than the big island. Both are gorgeous in different ways. Next year I want to try Kauai, so if you know of any great places to stay, I’m all ears.
Okay…later this week I promise to post more pics from San Francisco. I have a whole bunch I didn’t get up before I left on vacation. As for me, I’m back to work on Stolen Seduction. My week away did wonders…I love this book! (Tomorrow I’ll probably hate it. LOL)
Have you been to Hawaii? What’s your favorite island or resort?