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My Gifted Son

This is a conversation I overheard my oldest two Gremlins having the other day while watching Star Wars II – Attack of the Clones.

A -(9-yr old girl): “Ack! They’re kissing again!” Throws blanket over her head and hides, while mumbling incoherently to herself in total embarrassment.

B – (newly-turned 6 yr old boy): “What’s the problem, A?”

A: “I don’t like the kissing! Why do they have to have all that kissing?”

B: Rolling eyes while watching movie. “Anakin and Padme have to kiss to fall in love. And they have to fall in … Read more »

This & That

Hmm…Jan. 2nd to Jan. 20th. Not quite three weeks. This is a blogging improvement!

First of all, some news. The girls at RWKF have decided to take a blogging break. J’s going back to work full time, Lin’s tackling grad school on top of working full time AND writing for Sahmain, and me? Well, I go with the flow. My RWA chapter duties as the new pres. have taken up way more time than I’d like, and I’m still not back to 100% after being sick over the holidays (still fighting this ear infection. GahRead more »

A Few Of My (new) Favorite Things

This is totally off the writing topic, but I thought I’d share a few of my new favorite things.

1. My Computer. Okay, not new, but I’m thrilled to have it back. For some reason I couldn’t ever download the new version of windows before, and when it went in for service, they put the new version on. Very cool. Now, if my files get decoded, I’ll be thrilled. Cross your fingers.

2. Victoria’s Secret Bare Bronze . Moisturizer with a hint of self tanner. Ever since I had a melanoma, I can’t really spend a lot of time … Read more »

I’m Back!

Yes, it’s really me. Not Memorex. Shocked, aren’t you?

Vacation was fabulous. Hawaii was beautiful and warm and utterly relaxing. I have pictures to share, but don’t have them uploaded yet. I want to go back. In fact, I told DH anytime he wants to take a job transfer to the islands, I’m there.

In other good news I finally have my computer back!! Yippieskippie!!! Yes, it’s been four loooong, heart-wrenching weeks for me without a computer. DH is thrilled I won’t be confiscating his in the evenings anymore. During those four weeks I learned … Read more »

Ding Dong The Party’s Gone

Whew…that’s the sound of me exhaling loudly. Today was my dd’s 8th bday party. I pushed for a party away from home, she wanted to have a party at home. She won. I limited the invites to 10 kids, it blossomed somehow to 20. Again, she won (Hmm…seeing a pattern here.) It was chaos here today to put it plainly. Thankfully though, it’s now over. One more bday party and I’m done for the year. Starting in Jan. my kids have bdays just about ever five weeks. At what age do they stop wanting to have bday parties?????

What have … Read more »

A Good Day

Nothing significant happened today, but I have to say, it was a good day. The sun was shining, it was over sixty degrees here, and the daffodils are coming out. Writing-wise, I got some editing done, did some plotting I’ve been putting off and had a great conversation with my agent. For the first time in months, I feel like I’m on the right path. Why do we second-guess ourselves all the time? I look back at the past few months and can’t help but think if I hadn’t been worrying so much about editors and sales and what comes … Read more »

Girls & Baseball

Baseball season is almost here. For those of you who don’t know my DH personally, he’s a big baseball nut. Lives for it. Loves it. Loves to play it and watch it and coach it. He coached HS ball for years, and since our kids are now playing, has switched to coaching them.

Our oldest is a girl. And little league in our town is a big deal. There’s a whole “political” side to the league – who knows who, who’s friends with who, who’s parents are related to so-and-so. We tend to stay out of the politics and focus … Read more »

Good Intentions, Crummy Results

My plans to crank out pages just isn’t working. Yesterday, DH had a minor outpatient procedure on his back. I had to take him and hang out in the waiting room all afternoon. I took my laptop and my ipod and planned to really get some writing done. Ten minutes into my book, my computer froze and then wouldn’t restart. Needless to say, I had a minor panic attack. First of all – wasted afternoon writing-wise. Second of all, I haven’t backed up anything in eons. And my biggest fear was I’d just lost everything I’ve written in the … Read more »

Procrastinator Extraordinaire

I am the queen of procrastination. I was thinking about this tonight as I was helping my daughter with her homework. Homework packets are due on Fridays. Generally, I’m good about making her get her spelling words and sentences written Monday night so we have all week to study them, but everything else – the math and writing and worksheets – I let slide until Thursday night.

(But you’re saying, Elisabeth, tonight is Wednesday. You’re ahead of the curve. Ah, silly grasshopper. Yes, tonight is Wednesday. But Monday, remember, was a holiday, hence I didn’t make the wee one … Read more »