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Crazy Days, Links & Marked Arc Giveaway

It’s spring break here, which means my gremlins are home 24/7 until next Monday. I’m trying to get some writing done while they’re home, but it’s a struggle. Over the weekend we were here (see photo on right) at Black Butte Ranch in Central Oregon with friends who own a house there. Saturday the guys took the kids golfing (it was 66 degrees). Sunday my girlfriend and I took them snowboarding 15 miles up the road at the Hoodoo Ski Area. Where else but in Oregon can you go golfing one day and skiing the next, all within 15 miles … Read more »

It’s Spring Break…SAVE ME!!!!

Every year I do one of these Spring-Break-double-takes where I wonder WHY on earth the schools insist on torturing work-at-home parents this way. I’m convinced it’s a conspiracy plot to send us all to the insane asylum at a young age. Thanks to some bright idea in my local district, my kids have been off since Thursday. The schools combined conferences with Spring Break (lucky me), hence, my lack of blogging Thurs. or Fri. (I also got hit with the flu over the weekend, but that’s another long, yucky story I’ll spare you from.) Today is actually the “official” first … Read more »

My Gifted Son

This is a conversation I overheard my oldest two Gremlins having the other day while watching Star Wars II – Attack of the Clones.

A -(9-yr old girl): “Ack! They’re kissing again!” Throws blanket over her head and hides, while mumbling incoherently to herself in total embarrassment.

B – (newly-turned 6 yr old boy): “What’s the problem, A?”

A: “I don’t like the kissing! Why do they have to have all that kissing?”

B: Rolling eyes while watching movie. “Anakin and Padme have to kiss to fall in love. And they have to fall in … Read more »

I’m In Love

And I’m going to be in big trouble.

I woke up this morning in the best way possible. I was lying on my side, cuddled up into my pillow, when I felt soft, gentle fingers gliding over my cheek. I opened my eyes slowly and looked through the hazy first light of morning into warm, chocolate irises focused right on me. Those soft, little fingers continued to caress my cheek and I smiled when I heard the sweetest words on the planet. “I wuv you, mom.”

Of course, then the DH shattered the whole serene moment when he rolled over … Read more »

Happy Days & Word Count Update

School starts back up tomorrow. Woohooo! (Can you tell I’m excited???) Actually, school for the 3rd grader starts tomorrow, my Kindergartner won’t start until next Monday (what’s up with that????? I swear schools in OR start later than everyone else in the frickin’ universe.) But what has me really excited is the fact Gremlin #2 got afternoon K, which means….since Gremlin #3 takes an afternoon nap, I’ll have 2.5 WHOLE hours of peace in my house where I can write and edit without constant interruptions. Man, I won’t know what to do with myself!

Speaking of writing, those of you … Read more »

When Does School Start Again????

Not soon enough in my book.

The Gremlins are driving me nuts. Anyone else with kidlets finding this to be more true towards the end of the summer? I don’t know what the deal is, but I think we’ve all hit our limit. Too much family “together” time. What little computer time the Gremlins let me have these days has been limited to writing, so I apologize for being scarce.

I can’t wait for school to start again.… Read more »