It’s Spring Break…SAVE ME!!!!

Every year I do one of these Spring-Break-double-takes where I wonder WHY on earth the schools insist on torturing work-at-home parents this way. I’m convinced it’s a conspiracy plot to send us all to the insane asylum at a young age. Thanks to some bright idea in my local district, my kids have been off since Thursday. The schools combined conferences with Spring Break (lucky me), hence, my lack of blogging Thurs. or Fri. (I also got hit with the flu over the weekend, but that’s another long, yucky story I’ll spare you from.) Today is actually the “official” first day of Spring Break, and already I’m eager to send my kids back to school. At the current moment I’m wondering how long it takes three gremlins to clean their rooms. They’ve been up there for over an hour and a half and I hear very little cleaning going on. I do hear lots of arguing, jumping and screaming (again, lucky me.)

It’s funny…when I was teaching I lived for Spring Break. Now that I’m on the other side? Eh…not so much.

We have nothing big planned for the week. Later today (if they ever get those rooms cleaned) I’m taking them to a friend’s house to play. At the end of the the week their grandparents are coming to visit so that will be a good distraction for them. (And their dad’s taking time off from work so he can share in my misery…er…joy.) But as I was sick over the weekend, I HAVE to get some writing in, and you know they just LOVE that.

So are you on Spring Break? If so…any big plans? If not…do you even GET a Spring Break anymore? I’m suddenly having flash-forwards to summer and wondering how the heck I’m going to get anything done. (Thank goodness summer’s at least warm and I can kick them out of the house to play in the yard.)