Happy Days & Word Count Update

School starts back up tomorrow. Woohooo! (Can you tell I’m excited???) Actually, school for the 3rd grader starts tomorrow, my Kindergartner won’t start until next Monday (what’s up with that????? I swear schools in OR start later than everyone else in the frickin’ universe.) But what has me really excited is the fact Gremlin #2 got afternoon K, which means….since Gremlin #3 takes an afternoon nap, I’ll have 2.5 WHOLE hours of peace in my house where I can write and edit without constant interruptions. Man, I won’t know what to do with myself!

Speaking of writing, those of you who are taking the 100-day challenge are starting up today. Paty, Lisa, Alice, Lexi…I’m going to be hounding each of you. Whatever you set for your daily goal…you can do it. (Joan’s already been cooking on her daily word counts, so I don’t have to hound her as much…esp. since this was her idea to begin with.) Trust me when I say, it’s easier than it sounds. In fact, now that I’m making writing a habit again, I can’t believe how the words are flowing. Last night I wrote 2756 words, stayed up until midnight and didn’t even notice the time. I’m keeping a running spreadsheet total because, yes, I am a bit neurotic in some areas, and since I’ve now been at this a week, I can report that in 7 days I have written 17,379 NEW words in 81 pages. Now, I know for those of you who consistently write 10 pgs a day, that’s no biggie, but it is for me. I can’t remember the last time I was so productive (and that doesn’t take into account what I edited and rewrote during the day either, that’s just all new stuff). It feels AWESOME!!! Alice told me the other day that it was an interesting concept – she was writing and just decided to check her total. When she saw she was at 600 words, she figured heck, she could force herself to get to 1000…and she did. I bet she went over. Every time I’ve been stuck and forced myself to write a little more, I’ve gone over with less effort than I expected.

So girls…today is the start of the 100 day challenge. Go forth and write! (And report back on how you did. I’ll be checking your blogs.)