My Gifted Son

This is a conversation I overheard my oldest two Gremlins having the other day while watching Star Wars II – Attack of the Clones.

A -(9-yr old girl): “Ack! They’re kissing again!” Throws blanket over her head and hides, while mumbling incoherently to herself in total embarrassment.

B – (newly-turned 6 yr old boy): “What’s the problem, A?”

A: “I don’t like the kissing! Why do they have to have all that kissing?”

B: Rolling eyes while watching movie. “Anakin and Padme have to kiss to fall in love. And they have to fall in love so he can turn into Darth Vader. If they don’t kiss and fall in love, he’s got no reason to turn bad! Then there’d be no more movies! Think about it!”


*Big grin*

Does that just not warm your romance writer heart???? The six-year old boy gets it!


In other news…wild WILD weather here. Seriously. Last Saturday it was 75 degrees. DH got a sunburn on his neck and arms working in the yard. I got tan shoulders sitting in a tee and capris at the baseball game. Today? Snow. As in, not just a mix of snowy rain but S-N-O-W. My deck, yard, trees, cars…everything was white this morning. It melted pretty fast but still…snow? In April? In late April????? Wonky.