Eeek!! (And Six Things)

My editor sent me the cover art for Stolen Fury. OMG. It’s GORGEOUS. Unfortunately, I can’t share yet – copyright laws and all that – but as soon as I get the go-ahead, I’ll be throwing it out for the world to see. My DH looked at it and said, “Whoa. That’s hot!” I think he was shocked even though I’d told him exactly what they were going to do with the cover. LOL

In other news…Paty tagged me (grumble, grumble). Paty, I’m only playing along because it’s you, dear.

Okay…six random things about me…

1. I’ve never been a “Beth”. I’ve gone by every other nickname you can come up with for Elisabeth – Eli, Lis, Lissie, Elisa, Lissiebeth…but never EVER Beth. Don’t know why. My HS choir teacher used to call me Beth all the time and I never responded. You’d think he would have figured it out. Never did. Interestingly, new people I meet don’t ever call me Beth. They always go for one of the other nicknames. Weird. But good. Because I am definitely not a Beth.

2. I love yoga. Well, centergy – a class at my gym which is a cross between yoga and pilates. They keep asking me to become an instructor. It’s tempting – free gym membership and all that – but I don’t want to sacrifice writing time to teach. Plus, though I’m strong, I’m not naturally flexible like those girls who can do the splits.

3. I am a pasta-holic. Seriously. I could eat pasta all day long, three times a day. Of course, my body can’t handle all those carbs anymore (sucks to get old). But I think I’m part Italian and my parents just don’t realize it.

4. I met my DH in a ballroom dancing class in college. I know…awwww, how romantic, huh? LOL. I took the class because it sounded fun. He took it to meet girls (worked!). Interestingly enough, I picked HIM up.

5. I was a cheerleader in HS. Basketball (played VB and ran track, too, but that’s not important). The hubby still teases me to no end about it because I am the FARTHEST from a typical cheerleader you will ever meet. Case in point – I was nearly kicked off the squad for being too “snarky“. (Now you know where my characters get it…)

And finally…

6. Unlike every other writer out there, I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer by the age of 3. Or 13. Or 23. Or…well…until I was 30, really. I always had stories playing in my head and used to make things up on my drive to work, but I never wrote them down and I didn’t realize that made me different. (My mother has since told me that makes me odd). I didn’t even consider writing until I quit my day job to stay home with my two kids. Then thought I’d go insane without something to do and started writing a book. Who would have known that near-insanity would be the start of something great?!

Okay…I have to tag six people. No idea if they’ll play or not but here goes:

Lisa (This is an excuse to get back to blogging, missy.)

Ciao for now. (See?! Maybe I really am Italian!!!!)