Yup, that’s me. Incognito. Hiding out in my revision cave. I’ve come up for air just long enough to let you know I’m still alive. I think. (I hope!)

Nothing new to report on the writing front. Just hoping to get through these revisions in the next week or so so I can get back to Shane & Hailey’s story. I’m really starting to get into those two.

If you’re around on Saturday, hop over to the Bradford Bunch. I’m guest blogging there. Still have no clue on what though. 😉 Which reminds me I need to come up with a topic and get that article written.

Oh! And I’m back on my promotion bandwagon. Thinking, thinking, always thinking. What’s the most effective promotional tool you’ve ever seen a writer use? Websites, blogs, bookmarks, myspace, book signings, book trailers…other ideas? I’m curious what’s caught your attention as both a writer and a reader. Several years ago at the Reno RWA convention, Kresley Cole gave out “sexy water” in the goodie room. (At least that’s what my good friend Piper called it). Basically bottled water with Kresley’s sexy historical book cover as the label. I thought that was clever and different from the “standard” bookmarks other authors left out. Piper did too. She kept that water bottle for I-don’t-know-how-long and kept rewashing it and reusing it. Every month she brought it to our RWA meeting. Now that’s effective marketing in my opinion.