Good Intentions, Crummy Results

My plans to crank out pages just isn’t working. Yesterday, DH had a minor outpatient procedure on his back. I had to take him and hang out in the waiting room all afternoon. I took my laptop and my ipod and planned to really get some writing done. Ten minutes into my book, my computer froze and then wouldn’t restart. Needless to say, I had a minor panic attack. First of all – wasted afternoon writing-wise. Second of all, I haven’t backed up anything in eons. And my biggest fear was I’d just lost everything I’ve written in the last six months.

Luckily, when we got home, my laptop booted up okay. Because we had company, I didn’t get a chance to back up yet, but I will. Today. Catastrophe #1 – Averted.

I then hoped I could get some work done this weekend. Great plan, bad environment. We ended up having my nephew here this weekend. He’s 15 months. Need I say more? Gosh, even though Gremlin #3 just turned two a few weeks ago, I’d completely forgotten what it was like to have a one-year-old in the house. This boy is the silent tornado. He gets into EVERYTHING. By 8AM he’d already dumped the dog’s water bowl on himself, unraveled every toilet paper roll in our house, opened his cup and spilled milk all over the carpet, picked up Gremlin #2’s UNO game and tossed the cards all over the living room, emptied the Tupperware cupboard and set my two-year-old off on a temper tantrum. I’ve spent all morning chasing him, yelling, “No! Get out of there! No! Don’t touch that!” I’m sure he’s going to grow up with disjointed memories of his psycho aunt who used to follow him all over the house.

So…(big sigh)…the boys are finally napping. Both of them. I made sure they went down at the same time. Gremlin #1 is at a bday party. Gremlin #2 is playing Playstation games. DH is working and the house is quiet. I have a million things I should do while the silent tornado is asleep, but I’m sitting here trying to unwind. I have a feeling I won’t get much writing done this weekend.

Catastrophe #2 – Averted for The Time Being.

So what do you have going this weekend?


Minor addendum…forgot to add. My agent’s blogging over at Magical Musings today. Great post about taking risks. Don’t miss it.