A Few Of My (new) Favorite Things

This is totally off the writing topic, but I thought I’d share a few of my new favorite things.

1. My Computer. Okay, not new, but I’m thrilled to have it back. For some reason I couldn’t ever download the new version of windows before, and when it went in for service, they put the new version on. Very cool. Now, if my files get decoded, I’ll be thrilled. Cross your fingers.

2. Victoria’s Secret Bare Bronze . Moisturizer with a hint of self tanner. Ever since I had a melanoma, I can’t really spend a lot of time in the sun. But my pukey-white Irish skin misses that golden summer glow. This is the first self tanner I’ve found that not only looks natural, it also smells good, too. Definitely worth the money.

3. Acne Free Skin Care System. I’ve used ProActiv for years but recently ran out. I decided not to order it again because I was stockpiling the toner and you can only buy it in a 3 part system. It’s also expensive and I hate paying for shipping every month. While at Costco though, I came across the Acne Free system which is comparable to ProActiv. The plus is you get twice as much for half the cost and it actually works BETTER. After only a week of using it, my skin looks incredible. If you use ProActiv, consider switching.

4. Sheer Cover Makeup. Also something you have to order, but they send you a three month supply so you’re only paying shipping once ever three months. This makeup is great. Goes on light and smooth, covers everything and looks completely natural. You hardly know you’re wearing it. A friend of mine shells out big bucks for Bare Essentials. This stuff is cheaper and works better.

5. Land O’Lakes Sugar Free Whipped Cream. I can only find this at Walmart, but it’s worth the trip across town. Mmm.. tastes great and is perfect on a cup of hot coffee. Also satisfies the sugar cravings so I don’t eat a pound of chocolate chip cookie dough.

6. Hollywood Fashion Tape. My dear friend and Nationals roommate, Alice, gave me a handful of these little white sticky tabs last year in Atlanta when we were getting dressed one morning. These things are AWESOME and I now use them all the time. Got a gap in the front of your blouse? You just stick one of these puppies between the buttons, stick the other side of your shirt to it and it holds it closed all day long. Also works if you have a dress or blouse that keeps dropping down to reveal a little too much cleavage. Just stick the tab on the outside of your bra, press your blouse to it and voila. Instant magic.

Okay, your turn. What are some of your new or not-so-new favorite things? Can be writing related or non-writing related.