Much Ado About Nothing

I seem to be a sporadic poster these days. Gosh, life is just busy. Since I have nothing new to report, I’m going to send you to people who do.

Joan has a great post on her blog today about blog feeds. I admit to knowing nothing about this…but now I do!! Go read it and add a feed to your blog. (I plan to.)

Karin‘s talking about erotic romances on her blog. Interesting read for those of you who write in the same genre.

Over at Romance Worth Killing For, Elisa’s talking about fear. I admit to having many fears. Still have to figure out which one to fess up to on the blog.

And finally, go over and congratulate Teri on her first sale!!! Awesome news for Teri. I’m pumped for her.

Any news to share? I’d love to hear what you’re up to.