I’m Back!

Yes, it’s really me. Not Memorex. Shocked, aren’t you?

Vacation was fabulous. Hawaii was beautiful and warm and utterly relaxing. I have pictures to share, but don’t have them uploaded yet. I want to go back. In fact, I told DH anytime he wants to take a job transfer to the islands, I’m there.

In other good news I finally have my computer back!! Yippieskippie!!! Yes, it’s been four loooong, heart-wrenching weeks for me without a computer. DH is thrilled I won’t be confiscating his in the evenings anymore. During those four weeks I learned some interesting things about myself… I NEED the Internet not only to converse with my writer friends and stay in touch with happenings in the world, but also for research. I am a “research-as-you-go” writer. Not being able to pop over and check a city or location KILLED me. I honestly don’t know how writers functioned before the invention of the Internet. I also learned writing long-hand is a lot of work. Very hard for me to do. For some reason my hand and pen just can’t keep up with my brain. Typing is much easier for me. Because of this I found it really easy to find “other” things to do instead of write. I’m so thrilled to have my laptop back now and am hoping I can really jump back to work.

On the agenda today? Reconfiguring my computer, uploading programs and software and wading through the backup files. I’ve been promised all my files are there, but they won’t be organized in any folders…just random files I’ll need to pull and categorize on my own. I have a feeling that will take a while. I have six CD’s to work through. Also on the agenda is blog-hopping a little, catching up with friends and wading through emails. I’ve been totally out of the loop.

Oh, and today was my day to blog at Romance Worth Killing For in case you missed it. I’m talking about delineations within the romantic suspense genre. Would love to get your view and opinion on the subject.

I’m so glad to be back. Everyone fill me in on what you’ve been up to during the last month.