Ding Dong The Party’s Gone

Whew…that’s the sound of me exhaling loudly. Today was my dd’s 8th bday party. I pushed for a party away from home, she wanted to have a party at home. She won. I limited the invites to 10 kids, it blossomed somehow to 20. Again, she won (Hmm…seeing a pattern here.) It was chaos here today to put it plainly. Thankfully though, it’s now over. One more bday party and I’m done for the year. Starting in Jan. my kids have bdays just about ever five weeks. At what age do they stop wanting to have bday parties?????

What have I been up to? Hm. Let’s see. Writing. Basically, that’s it. Really in the zone with the WIP, and I love the feeling. Hoping to get to the halfway mark soon.

I booked our vacation to Maui today. We’re going in April. DH and I have never been to Hawaii, so I’m really stoked. Esp. since we’re going sans kids.

Okay, that’s as much update as I can manage today. If any of you have been to Maui, what things/places are a must-see?