Baseball On The Brain

In the event you live under a rock, you might not know that THE OREGON STATE BEAVERS WON THEIR SECOND STRAIGHT NCAA COLLEGE WORLD SERIES TITLE last night.

Awesome victory. Fabulous series. A truly talented and incredible team. I blogged about it here.

So I’ve been thinking about the game all day. About how cool it was. About how totally unexpected too. And it got me thinking about my favorite baseball movies – Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, The Rookie. God, I love baseball movies. So much fun. How come there aren’t more books with baseball heroes? I know they’re out there, I just don’t have any. I have one in mind. It keeps popping up in my brain, begging to be written. I seriously need to write it (after about the bazillion other ideas I have circulating). But like everything else, that particular “thought” got pushed to the side of my brain where I store future ideas. And then guess what happened?

I went to the gym to work out this morning. Now, when I go to the gym, the place is dead. I purposely go when there’s no one else there because I don’t like to workout when the chest-pumping weight lifters are in the weight room trying to pick up girls. In the mornings when I go the place usually consists of other moms like me, a few retirees, and depending on the day, a group of elderly women and men from the nearby retirement home. So today I got there, dropped the kids off at the daycare, and bopped up to the weight room like I do every day. Then stopped short when my jaw nearly hit the floor.

The weight room was packed. No. Wait. That doesn’t give you a good visual. The place was packed with toned, fit 18-30 year old men in tanks and shorts. Not weight lifters. Athletes. Seriously good looking athletes. For a minute I thought I was being shown a glimpse of heaven. Then I gave my head a shake and realized these guys were real. Turns out, they were a visiting baseball team (see…baseball seriously on my brain!!!) in town to play our local minor league Volcanoes tonight. They’d popped over for a workout, just like me. And what do you think that did for my baseball book idea????

You got it. I’ve been thinking about it all day.

And the Beav win. Man, that was awesome.

Major congrats to the Beavers. You guys rock!!!