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Shane tugged the baseball cap lower over her face and frowned. “Couldn’t you have found a Cubs hat on that rack? Shit, I’d even settle for a Red Sox cap at this point.”

“You don’t like the Yankees? They’re like America’s team.”

He stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and stared at her like she had three eyeballs. “You’re sick, you know that?”

Hailey couldn’t help it. She laughed. “It’s only baseball, Maxwell.”

He slapped a hand against his heart. “Only baseball? Only baseball? That’s only my heart you’re ripping to shreds and throwing on the sidewalk.”

She rolled … Read more »

Baseball On The Brain

In the event you live under a rock, you might not know that THE OREGON STATE BEAVERS WON THEIR SECOND STRAIGHT NCAA COLLEGE WORLD SERIES TITLE last night.

Awesome victory. Fabulous series. A truly talented and incredible team. I blogged about it here.

So I’ve been thinking about the game all day. About how cool it was. About how totally unexpected too. And it got me thinking about my favorite baseball movies – Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, The Rookie. God, I love baseball movies. So much fun. How come there aren’t more books with baseball heroes? I … Read more »