One Week

Thank you, Lin, for reminding me that Nationals is only a week away. Eeek! While I have been dealing with teeth pulling and swim meets and the terrible twos, I have pushed aside all that other stuff I have to do before I leave next Tuesday for Dallas. Such as…

1) Get my hair done (OMG, it really needs it),
2) Clean the house so it’s not a total bomb when I get home,
3) Finalize kids’ schedule for Grandma who will be babysitting during the day while the DH is at work,
4) Print out my schedule for the week so I don’t miss anything important like oh, say, my meeting with my agent or the GH stuff I’m supposed to attend,
5) Laundry. Everything I own is dirty,
6) Get a pedicure. The toes need it soooo bad. I wouldn’t subject others to looking at these things the way they stand now,
7) Figure out how the heck I’m getting to and from the airport,
8) Finish the wip (this is wishful thinking),
9) Pack.

What’s on your schedule the next week – whether you’re prepping for Nationals or not?