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San Francisco Literacy Signing

I was going to post pics from San Fran today but quickly realized if I posted all of them, this post would never end! So I’m going to do it in sections. These were all taken Wednesday night at the RWA Literacy Signing. 500 published authors all in one room. So much fun.

Me, Pocket author – and PRO mentor of the year (!!!) – Karin Tabke, Kendra Elliot and Joan Swan.
And if you haven’t seen this yet…the Today Show did a feature on the RWA Convention while we were all there. Take a look at it…very cool stuff!
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Home Again, Home Again

I have so many things to say about RWA National, I just don’t even know where to start. However, instead of blogging about everything all at once – like how fab my editor is, how funny Chris Keesler is, how the two of them bicker back and forth like the characters in my book (maybe why my editor bought the book in the first place?), the lit signing and everyone I met, Cindy Gerard’s new book (which I already fan girl gushed to her via email about this morning – oh, Lord), Leslie Langtry – OMG…hilarious!!!!, the workshops, the … Read more »


I’m taking a break from copy edits, agent revisions and my longer-than-hell-and-back to-do list — which all has to be finished before I leave for San Francisco on Tuesday (How the heck does everything manage to come at once?!) — to pop in and say hello. I know I’ve been scarce. See above list and you’ll know why.

But without further adieu, I thought I’d share my official author photo for my books:

What do you think? Personally, I love it. The photographer did a fabulous job. He took a bunch of shots, but this one just screamed I’m it! Read more »

More Good News To Spread, Challenges, Taglines and Nationals

First things first – good news is all around!

Fellow Mid-Willamette Valley RWA chapter member (and past Prez) Paty Jager won an Eppie on Saturday at the EPICon conference, which honors the best in electronic publishing!!! Head on over to Paty’s blog to read more about her win and to congratulate her.

We’re starting up a new challenge over at our chapter blog. If you need some motivation to get busy, head on over and join in the fun. Everyone’s setting their own goals and we have check-ins on Saturdays.

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To National or Not To National?

That’s the question I’m grappling with these days.

I’ve done three so far – Reno, Atlanta, Dallas. All have been great. I’ve had a wonderful time, learned a lot, networked, networked, networked. I know the networking in and of itself is invaluable, but this year I’m still undecided. The first year I went it was all new and exciting (and Reno was cheap!). Atlanta was worth it because I won the conference registration in a contest and extended my stay to visit relatives in Alpharetta. And Dallas was a yes because I was a GH finalist. This year – San … Read more »

Monday, Monday

I posted pictures from Nationals at the MidWillamette-Valley RWA Blog if you’re interested. Lots of fun ones in there.… Read more »

Home Again, Home Again

I’m back from Nationals. I had a blast, and now I’m recovering.

Since I blogged about my Top 10 Conference Moments at Romance Worth Killing For today, I thought I’d do the top 10 things I learned at conference here. So without further adieu…

Top 10 Things I Learned at Nationals

10. If you wear a red dress with white polka dots, your roommates will offer to buy you ears and call you Minnie Mouse. (Nice, huh?)

9. It rains in Texas. A lot. Who knew?

8. Agents who tell you they want to hear elevator pitches really don’t want … Read more »

That’s it. I’m off to Nationals. Will try to update here during the week if internet isn’t obscenely expensive. Otherwise you’ll get my update next week.

Oh, and while I’m gone, if you are a writer in any way, shape or form, GO READ STEPHANIE TYLER’S POST ABOUT WANTING IT.

That’s all I’m going to say. Just go read it.

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One Week

Thank you, Lin, for reminding me that Nationals is only a week away. Eeek! While I have been dealing with teeth pulling and swim meets and the terrible twos, I have pushed aside all that other stuff I have to do before I leave next Tuesday for Dallas. Such as…

1) Get my hair done (OMG, it really needs it),
2) Clean the house so it’s not a total bomb when I get home,
3) Finalize kids’ schedule for Grandma who will be babysitting during the day while the DH is at work,
4) Print out my schedule for … Read more »

WARNING: Naked Rant Ahead

Okay, not a totally naked rant. More like a naked mannequin rant.

The dress I bought to wear to the Rita/GH ceremony at Nationals is gorgeous. I totally love it. It’s black, full length, halter style, fitted but not skin-tight. Classy. Elegant. Perfect. The problem? The back dips down just low enough so a regular strapless bra won’t work. I would love to be able to go sans bra, but alas, after nursing three Gremlins it’s not in my future (not without some serious surgery). So, I went looking for something that would work. And I found this: The … Read more »