Home Again, Home Again

I have so many things to say about RWA National, I just don’t even know where to start. However, instead of blogging about everything all at once – like how fab my editor is, how funny Chris Keesler is, how the two of them bicker back and forth like the characters in my book (maybe why my editor bought the book in the first place?), the lit signing and everyone I met, Cindy Gerard’s new book (which I already fan girl gushed to her via email about this morning – oh, Lord), Leslie Langtry – OMG…hilarious!!!!, the workshops, the parties, my annual embarrass Elisabeth moment, the sleepless nights and early mornings and everything in between, I’m simply going to discuss one topic today.

My CP – Joan Swan. Who was nominated in the Romantic Suspense category of the Golden Heart.

Isn’t she adorable?
You see, Joan and I have been CPs for years, but this was the fist time we actually got to meet in person. You know how you can have this totally amazing connection with someone online, and when you meet them it’s stiff and awkward and not at all what you expected? This was so NOT that experience. From the moment Joan picked me up at the airport, it was like we’d known each other our whole lives. I cannot say enough good things about this woman. She’s smart, funny, smiles all the time and she’s just got the most amazing attitude I’ve ever seen. And her book ideas???? OMG…write them now, Joan!!!! I’ve loved her writing for years, but now I love the woman even more, and I cannot wait to read her next book and hear her scream when she sells. It’s only a matter of time.
This is Joan and I just before the awards ceremony. Tomorrow I’ll post more about the conference – and more pics as well.
Have you met your CP face to face?