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Ancient Treasures & Featured Author

A friend sent this to me earlier in the week:

An ancient treasure comprising three figurines of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, which was buried for over 1,500 years, was uncovered during recent excavations in Israel. The hidden figurines were discovered when the researchers exposed a shop in the southeastern corner of the forum district of Sussita, which is the central area of the Roman city that was built in the second century BC, existed through the Roman and Byzantine periods and destroyed in the great earthquake of 749 AD. According to the researchers, it was clear that the followers Read more »

Announcement Time!!

I just got confirmation that my books have definite titles!!! (I’m a little giddy!)

The titles are:

Stolen Fury – Release date: January 2009
Stolen Heat – Release date: Summer 2009
Stolen Seduction – Release date: TBD

Oh, my gosh. I couldn’t be happier! Stolen Fury was actually my suggestion (along with the whole stolen theme) but the staff at Dorchester came up with the others and I just absolutely LOVE them.

In addition to that, my editor told me she just saw the cover sketch for Stolen Fury and she said it’s beautiful. It has (as she put it) … Read more »

R’s. And Why Things Happen The Way They Do

My agent calls them “passes”. “So-and-so passed on your book today.” I’ve always found that terminology to be rather amusing. A pass just sounds like a gentler way of saying, “you were rejected”.

Let’s face it. Whether it’s a pass or a rejection, the end result’s the same. And it generally sucks. I’ve never been one to talk about my writing woes – esp. not here on the blog – but today I’m going to.

Last year my book *nearly* sold to NAL. The editor loved it – the characters, the romance, the premise – and sent it up … Read more »


My multi-talented CP, Joan Swan, finaled in the Romantic Suspense category of the Golden Heart today. Go over and congratulate her!!!!!!!!!

Way to go, J!!!!! I knew you’d final this year.… Read more »

More Good News To Spread, Challenges, Taglines and Nationals

First things first – good news is all around!

Fellow Mid-Willamette Valley RWA chapter member (and past Prez) Paty Jager won an Eppie on Saturday at the EPICon conference, which honors the best in electronic publishing!!! Head on over to Paty’s blog to read more about her win and to congratulate her.

We’re starting up a new challenge over at our chapter blog. If you need some motivation to get busy, head on over and join in the fun. Everyone’s setting their own goals and we have check-ins on Saturdays.

I’m still looking for a new tagline. Remember it … Read more »