Announcement Time!!

I just got confirmation that my books have definite titles!!! (I’m a little giddy!)

The titles are:

Stolen Fury – Release date: January 2009
Stolen Heat – Release date: Summer 2009
Stolen Seduction – Release date: TBD

Oh, my gosh. I couldn’t be happier! Stolen Fury was actually my suggestion (along with the whole stolen theme) but the staff at Dorchester came up with the others and I just absolutely LOVE them.

In addition to that, my editor told me she just saw the cover sketch for Stolen Fury and she said it’s beautiful. It has (as she put it) a “sexy as hell” scene on top and a spooky cave scene on the bottom. I cannot wait to see it myself. It’s exactly what I envisioned when I used to dream about my first cover.

I have ten thousand things to do today – it’s Gremlin #2’s 6th bday party – so I need to go get a few things done, but I just had to share.

Eek!!! It’s real!