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I’m taking a break from copy edits, agent revisions and my longer-than-hell-and-back to-do list — which all has to be finished before I leave for San Francisco on Tuesday (How the heck does everything manage to come at once?!) — to pop in and say hello. I know I’ve been scarce. See above list and you’ll know why.

But without further adieu, I thought I’d share my official author photo for my books:

What do you think? Personally, I love it. The photographer did a fabulous job. He took a bunch of shots, but this one just screamed I’m it! Read more »

Busy Day

First item of importance – my cover flats for STOLEN FURY arrived yesterday from my publisher. And, um, can I just say…I’m in TOTAL FRICKIN‘ LOVE with this cover!!!!! I know I saw it in .jpg form already, but the real deal is sweet! The title’s embossed, my name is embossed (and looks huge!) and the back and spine are just gorgeous. (I don’t know why the spine excites me so much…maybe because it just looks so…real!!!) I’ve already gushed to my agent, my editor and my CPs. I know they’re probably sick of hearing about this … Read more »