Busy Day

First item of importance – my cover flats for STOLEN FURY arrived yesterday from my publisher. And, um, can I just say…I’m in TOTAL FRICKIN‘ LOVE with this cover!!!!! I know I saw it in .jpg form already, but the real deal is sweet! The title’s embossed, my name is embossed (and looks huge!) and the back and spine are just gorgeous. (I don’t know why the spine excites me so much…maybe because it just looks so…real!!!) I’ve already gushed to my agent, my editor and my CPs. I know they’re probably sick of hearing about this already but…oh well! I’m giddy all over again! Now I can’t wait to see the book with pages inside.

So…busy day here today…I’m having my author photos taken this afternoon. I hope we get at least one good – usable – shot. We’re also doing family pics afterwards with the same photographer (he’s awesome), so I’m busily doing laundry, making sure everyone has something clean that matches. Last night I was up until one AM doing research on poisoning deaths for the wip. I ordered a bunch of books from amazon on poisonings, which I hope arrive ASAP. I’m at a point in the wip where I need this info like, now. I’ve contacted several people with my research questions about how to make a poisoning death look natural, and the best response I got came from my beta reader’s brother (who is a PA in the local area). He said, “Um…does your husband know you’re looking for this information?” I did have to laugh. I suppose if you didn’t know I was a writer, it could raise all kinds of red flags.

Okay, off to heard gremlins. Will report back on the photo shoot later. And hopefully soon I’ll have author pics to share – I’ll probably need opinions on which one to go with.