Thirteen Things That Get In The Way Of Writing
13. Kids home from school. (Need I say more?)
12. Swim meets in the heat of the day. Or at the break of dawn. Or all day long. Take your pick. You have not proven your dedication as a parent until you’ve sat through your child’s swim meet.
11. The DH working from home. With the kids home from school. Double whammy.
10. Slamming doors. (As a result of #13)
9. “Mom, I’m hungry.” (Repeated ten-thousand times, especially five minutes after their last meal.)
8. Promotion – A never-ending, necessary evil I’m slowly learning. (Thank God my editor takes pity on me!)
7. Weekends – Don’t people understand writers don’t have weekends?!
6. Water fights. All over my office window. Especially bad when said window is open.
5. Parental yelling (usually mine). Also directly related to #’s 13, 11, 10, 9 and especially 6.
4. RWA chapter work. I love it. But it’s a time suck. Totally worthwhile though.
3. The phone. Period.
2. The TV. Even on in the other room I can hear it. Usually Hannah Montana or SpongeBob. Not conducive to writing love scenes.
And the number one thing that gets in the way of summertime writing (and my deadline):
1. The DH (bless his heart). “Hey, honey. Need any help researching those scenes?”
What’s distracting you this summer?