It’s done! It’s gone! It’s finally out the door!

Zipped off The Book From Hades to my agent late last night. I probably should have waited until this morning, taken one quick look at it again but . . . I couldn’t. I was more than happy to get that thing good and gone. She may hate it, she may love it. Honestly, I really don’t care. While editing I remembered why I loved it, why I wrote it in the first place and I discovered I’m happy with the end product. And because of all that, I’m thrilled it’s finally out of my hands (at least until uber-agent tells me what she thinks).

Ironically, I actually wrote a scene from Hades in the new book the other day whilst I was mired down in edits for The Book From Hades, ready to pull my eyelashes out. Hmm….coincidence? Not sure…

What’s on the docket now? Finishing my next proposal (I’m halfway through chapter two). I’m hoping to get the first three chapters done and polished in the next couple weeks and then work on *gasp* the suckopsis to send to my agent. Wish me luck.

After that I have a full ms I need to finish polishing. Have minor edits from CPs I need to incorporate which shouldn’t take long (Note to self: Hound CP about edits…) And then I’m diving into two RS proposals that are niggling at me. It’s going to be a busy (and hopefully productive) fall.

Have to get my 1000 words in on the proposal today (AKA: The Book I’m So Excited About I Can Barely Sit Still), then DH and are going out to dinner sans kiddos to celebrate The Book From Hades finally leaving my lair. Thank you, Jesus!

No 1000-words the last three days as I’ve been editing, but as of Tuesday, I can proudly say that in 14 days I’d written (new) over 30K words. And as a dear writer friend pointed out to me this week when I said I was going to keep going with the 1000-words while editing, “Getting that thing done is more important than adding to your little challenge. Get it done, get it gone, then get back to work.” (Or so she said in slightly different words). She was right. And through rewriting this week I easily got in those 1000 words per day plus some. So now it’s back to the challenge and back to work on The Book I’m So Excited About I Can Barely Sit Still.

What’s up with you?