My Head Hurts (And Challenge Update)

Just got home from my RWA chapter meeting. The meeting was great – we had a fab presentation on PR from Lisa Pulliam – but now my head hurts. Gosh, you know, there’s just so much stuff that goes into this whole writing career outside writing the damn book. I’ve played ostrich much of the time, sticking my head in the sand and focusing on writing. But I know I won’t be able to do that forever.


On to more controllable things (at least for me):

100-Day Challenge Update.

The Book From Hades is officially gone and is now sitting on my agent’s desk. Talked to her briefly on Monday. She hadn’t started reading it yet, but is excited about it, so that’s something. In the meantime, I’ve jumped back into my paranormal proposal and have been working steady after taking most of last week off to polish up The Book From Hades. Word count totals since then are as follow:

Saturday: 2278/10 pgs
Sunday: 1464 words/7 pgs
Monday: 2483 words/11 pgs
Tuesday: 1897 words/8 pgs (Synopsis only)

I’m finished with the three chapters and am now focusing on the suckopsis. Gah. I hate those.

Oh! And in other news…I have a theme song! Okay, well, I have two that fit really well so I’m listening to them over and over as I work through this suckopsis. I think (hope) it’s working.

How are you doing with the challenge? Or if you aren’t challenge(d), how are things going for you in general?