Lexi called me out. I’ve been in hiding. No special reason, just haven’t had a ton to say and life has been busy with the holidays rushing closer at the speed of light. (Anyone else feel that way?!)

First things first…yes, Lexi, I’m still doing the challenge, I just haven’t been posting my updates. After kicking butt the first few weeks, I’ve tapered off. Some days I write 3K words (like last night) and some days I write zilch. This is my pattern though, so I’m not fighting it. So long as I make my goal, all is good. And even on those days when I count zero word count, I’m often rewriting what I wrote the day before, editing something or thinking continually about the wip, so all is not lost. As of last night (I checked) I have 74,829 words with 25 days left to go. So…I need to continue the 1000 words per day to reach my 100K word goal by Dec. 13th. Totally doable.

In other news…I’ve made a grand discovery (at least for me). I’m reading a great RS. Love the setting, love the characters, love the writing and the author’s voice…and I’m bored to tears. Seriously. To the point I started skipping around, discovered the bad guy was who I thought it was, that the love scenes happened when I thought they would, and that the relationship ended up just the way I predicted. Why the boredom in a book I should be enjoying? Simply put, I’ve discovered that I’m not a huge RS fan. I know…gasp! But, Eli, you say, you write RS!!! True. But I think I’ve discovered that I don’t write traditional RS. I write RA – Romantic Adventure. The books I love aren’t the ones where the hero and heroine are chasing a killer (or in the case of the book I’m reading, a serial arsonist), collecting clues and playing CSI. No, the books I love are the ones where the main characters are running from something, where there’s a timeline to find something or escape from something or free someone from something. The traditional cop/CSI shows, movies and books have never interested me. Unfortunately, that’s what’s prevalent these days. (Maybe my time will come…) Not sure what this revelation will have on my writing (if any), but I’m going to continue to think about it.

Anybody have exciting news to share?