My Bad and Book Update

My writer’s brain works in the strangest ways. I swear it gets me into more trouble than not.

Saturday night the DH and I went to a poker party. My running partner and her hubby (he’s a lieutenant with the state police) were there. We were laughing, drinking, having a good old time, when out of nowhere I had a writing thought. I turned to my running partner and said, “Oh! I forgot. I have this scene in my new book that I need your husband’s help with.”

Now, being a smart girl, my running partner eyed me and said, “Elisabeth, I’ve read the scenes in your books. He’s not allowed to help you.”

Of course, it took me a few seconds to clue in to what she was getting at (I admit I was a little slow that night), but I quickly shook my head and – thinking everyone else lives inside my brain and knows how my frazzled writer’s mind works – said, “No. You don’t understand. I meant you could both help me by demonstrating. I’ll just watch.”

*ahem* Yeah. You can only imagine what happened next.

My running partner busted out laughing. Her hubby clued in on the conversation and became very interested. Conversation at the poker table stopped as everyone looked our way and stared. My hubby (on my other side) glanced my way, rolled his eyes and though he didn’t speak I could all but hear him thinking, “What the heck is she up to now?” He, at least, knows how my brain works – how I can take off on a strange tangent in the middle of a conversation and come back with things like, “If you were going to kill someone and wanted to hide the evidence…” or “When you’re in a strip club…” The others at the table? Ahhhh…not so up to speed on my brain.

Now, to clarify, I was NOT implying what it sounds like I was implying. The scene in question takes place in a gym. My heroine is working out and I need to know some self defense moves cops might know to drop someone to the floor. TOTALLY innocent. But alas…my bad…it didn’t come out that way.

*sigh* Such is the way this writer’s brain works.

In other news….I’m uber-close to finishing my paranormal RS. I can see the end in sight. Unfortunately, each step I take towards that end seems to push it that much farther out of my reach. But I’m ticking off scenes, and I think I’m down to seven. Or eight. Something like that. I can’t wait to finish!

So share with me…how does your brain work? Ever find yourself having to clarify with friends and family? Or am I the only one who lives in her own version of la-la land?