Lots of Little Stuff…

Because I suddenly realized it’s been nearly a week since I blogged!

Weather Report: It’s 53 degrees and rainy. Where did summer go????? I refuse to give up my flip flops. Jeans, a sweater and flip-flops. Yeah. That’s stylish. Not even three weeks ago it was 102 degrees. That’s right. A fifty degree swing.

The Gremlins have three more days of school. THREE. MORE. DAYS. That’s it. Looooooord help me. I fear a long summer ahead with me on deadline. I may be calling grandma to come and save me. A lot.

My half marathon is just over a week away. Today I bought new running shoes – finally – and proceeded to freak out when I realized the size the clerk sold me was a 10!!! (I never looked at the size as I was trying them on, and when she kept telling me I needed more toe room, I nodded like I had a freakin’ clue what I was doing. Who knew you were supposed to have lots of room in your running shoes? Maybe this will help my neuromas.) Normally I wear an 8.5.

The DH is a god. Last night he came home, took one look at me and realized I was stressing over books and deadlines and promo stuff. So he’s kicking me out of the house. A night away at the beach with my web designer next week so we can finish up my website and get that thing done. I love him. I really do. He takes good care of me.

My buddy Kendra and I are taking a handgun class in July. This weekend I have to be “fitted” for my gun. That sounds so cool, doesn’t it? Can’t wait for this one. Kendra just finished up a citizen’s police academy course. She had a blast. I’m planning to take one in the fall.

Tomorrow I’m blogging about series over at the Mid-willamette Valley Chapter blog. Stop by and tell me what you think about series. Specifically, I want to know when a series gets to be too long.

Oh, and I saw the new Indy movie! I had mixed feelings. Tell me what you thought of it.