I Did It!!!

I finished my first half-marathon this morning. The Helvetia Half Marathon is 13.1 miles through the beautiful countryside of Hillsboro, Oregon. Translation? Lots and lots of hills. I’d been training for flat, so the hills were killer, but I finished in 2hrs, 14-15 minutes (not sure on exact time as I didn’t look at the clock as I crossed the finish line, but that’s a pretty close estimate). I’m pretty happy, my goal was to finish at 2:20 – without knowing about the hills – and I beat that. 🙂 I feel pretty good right now, but I’m sure the tiredness will catch up to me soon. Before today the most I’d ever ran was 10 miles in training. My running partner (who runs full marathons) is already trying to talk me into running the half of the Portland Marathon in October. Not entirely sure about that yet. I need a few days recovery from this one.

In other news…STOLEN SEDUCTION is really coming along. I’m totally in love with my hero. I’ve been waiting to write him since I wrote STOLEN FURY, so I’m enjoying the entire process. I think I may just be a little sad when this series is over. But excited about what I have planned next.

Next week the kids and I are off to central Oregon with a friend to stay at her vacation home. We’re taking my niece as babysitter because both of us have to work. I’m hoping to make some serious progress on SS while I’m there. I’ll have internet so I’ll try to post from the resort.

Are you a runner? If so, I’d love to hear about it. If not…what’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet?