Little Things

So I finished STOLEN SEDUCTION over the weekend. I have to say, for wanting to kill my hero several times in the process, I’m very happy with the way it turned out. Sure, he has his moments, but I think that’s part of the reason I love him. Hopefully readers (and my editor!) will love him, too. Right now I’m going back through, cleaning up a few things before sending the book to my CPs. Then next week it’s off to my editor.

In case you haven’t seen it yet, STOLEN FURY is available for pre-order at the following places:

Ann Aguirre and I had a discussion today, though, about the whole pre-order thing online. As most of you know, the first two weeks of a book’s release are important number-wise for lists like USA Today and the New York Times Bestseller. Technically, pre-orders are supposed to count in those first two week number calculations, but if a distributor happens to ship a book a few days early (which does happen), then those numbers don’t always end up counting. I’ve had a few people asking me when to get the book…so I’m hoping if you’re planning on buying the book anyway, that you wait until the release and buy during those first two weeks. (Though it is so totally cool to see the cover up on!!!)

In other news, I got an email from the art department that they’re working on the cover for STOLEN HEAT. I can’t wait to see it. When I can, I’ll be sharing it here with you.

And finally, I just found out I’m going to be a featured speaker the month of June for the AskAnAuthorPro loop through RWA. I’m really looking forward to that. So mark your calendar.

Okay, back to clean up. What’s new with you?

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  1. Mary
    December 10th, 2012 at 10:18 am · Link

    Quick comment: I got mine yaedertsy (:-D).Coverage is no problem go figure!! But I have to say, the interaction with the thing is really clunky after using the iPhone Kindle App. The keyboard especially is the pits, and I accidentally purchased a book I already own because I pushed the 5-way button one direction and apparently also pushed it down. I dunno.Still I’m going on a 10-day retreat Thursday, and I LOVE that I can bring an entire library and tuck it into the side pocket of my laptop case.

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