I have New Book Excitement.

It’s no big secret to anyone who knows how I work that I’m not a big fan of writing the opening scene. Sometimes the opening comes to me – bam! – and I know immediately how a book will start (as was the case with STOLEN FURY). Other times I seem to rewrite an opening 100 times or more before I find the one that works (as I did with STOLEN HEAT). (July 28, 2009) This time around, working on the 2nd paranormal (working title: DECEIVED), it’s been one of those – bam! – in-your-face openings that has stuck with me, and off I went. I’m now in chapter four, past the “set-up” hurdle, and loving the book. I love the characters, I love the plot, I love where this is going. I love that I have that “this is totally going to work” feeling. Sure, I’ll probably go back and revise some of that opening (I always do), but so far? *big grin* New Book Excitement.

I also have New Book Excitement for my CP. Yesterday I didn’t get to write. I know, I know, if you’re following me on Twitter or FB, you know that contradicts with my 100 day challenge, but don’t worry, I’ll make up the words today. Yesterday I was too busy critting my CPs new book, which she has a request for. And, oh my gosh, I LOVE THIS BOOK! Every time I sit to read a chapter (and my CP can’t send them fast enough), I get that shiver feeling. You know the one…when you’re reading something you KNOW is going sell. This book is amazing, and I can’t wait to tell her, “I told you so,” when it finally does sell.

And along those same “New Book Excitement” lines, one of my beta readers called yesterday to tell me she finished STOLEN SEDUCTION (January, 2010) and absolutely loved it. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. I love all my heroes, but *sigh* there’s something special about Shane. Maybe it’s because I wanted to kill him so many times while writing that book, maybe it’s because he was the first character I really didn’t “get”, and maybe it’s because I was so blown over by his character arc. I have no idea why he’s the one hero I still think about long after the book is over, but he is.

My beta reader had some great things to say about the book, and one constructive comment I am so SO happy she shared. It deals with one tiny section of a scene in the end of the book – or, rather, a tiny section I cut because I was already over on word count. But after listening to her, I’m pretty convinced that section needs to be there, and it’s kinda nice to know my first instinct was correct. So…I’m probably going to add it back in and worry about cutting elsewhere later (…have I mentioned what a magician my editor is at editing my long-windedness?).

So yeah. New Book Excitement. All around.

How about you? Reading or writing anything right now that has you excited?