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I have New Book Excitement.

It’s no big secret to anyone who knows how I work that I’m not a big fan of writing the opening scene. Sometimes the opening comes to me – bam! – and I know immediately how a book will start (as was the case with STOLEN FURY). Other times I seem to rewrite an opening 100 times or more before I find the one that works (as I did with STOLEN HEAT). (July 28, 2009) This time around, working on the 2nd paranormal (working title: DECEIVED), it’s been one of those – bam! … Read more »

CPs are Gold!

First a funny story…

So I haven’t picked up a book in almost two months, other than mine. I’ve been too busy writing and doing promo for STOLEN FURY. Last week I finished SEDUCTION and sent it to my CPs. Then – waiting – looked at my TBR pile and picked up good friend – Alice Sharpe-‘s July release from Intrigue – The Lawman’s Secret Son. Now, I love Alice. We chat nearly every day. I knew all about this book before it was written. We brainstormed parts and pieces along the way. I’ve ONLY waited to read … Read more »