New Review for STOLEN FURY

This one’s too good NOT to post.

From Daniel Boucher’s review of STOLEN FURY at I believe when it comes to romance, most people have a preconceived notion of helpless, bored women who lie around waiting to be saved by some steel-jawed handsome hero that can do no wrong. I was one of these types. I wasn’t prepared for what Elisabeth gives the reader with her lead heroine, Lisa Maxwell. Lisa is a strong woman, smart, beautiful, and not afraid of her own sexuality. I also wasn’t prepared for the great plot and an enticing storyline that kept me turning the pages…

…Elisabeth has an amazing ability to write great scenes of tension, both sexual and suspenseful in nature. (I wasn’t kidding about the blushing) By the end she helped me realize two things: The first is strong women are HOT and the second is a different outlook on romance novels. If you’re looking for a fun read that will excite on different levels, then I highly recommend STOLEN FURY.

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