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NOR Top Pick!

Yes, I am on vacation. Go ahead, say it. “Elisabeth, what are you doing blogging while you’re in Hawaii???” Yeah, okay, so normally I probably wouldn’t, but I just got this review for STOLEN SEDUCTION and it was too good not to share…

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BEST Week!

This is my favorite week of the year. Back-to-school week. One Gremlin started school today, the other two go back tomorrow. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love my Gremlins dearly, but after an entire summer at home with me, they are more than ready to get back to school and I am more than ready for them to go. This summer especially has been a rough one since I was so sick and didn’t really start to feel human again until August. The poor Gremlins have had a loooong boring summer filled with too many of mom’s doctor appts … Read more »

4 Stars from RT!!

STOLEN HEAT , which releases July 28, 2009, got a fabulous 4 star review from RTBOOKReviews!!!


Exciting, action-packed and fast moving, this story seamlessly alternates from the present to the past. A first-rate mystery, it has well-developed characters and a suspenseful and satisfying climax. A fine romantic thread winds through it all.

Summary: Katherine Meyer supposedly died six years ago in a car bombing in Egypt. To stay alive, she must stay “dead” to all from her past. But she risks it all to break into an auction house and recover an old artifact that hides secrets some would Read more »

Speaking of HEAT and Backstory…

It’s quite ironic I was talking about the backstory for STOLEN HEAT yesterday. This review of HEAT just went up today, and I couldn’t be more tickled at what the reviewer had to say not only about the book but about my characters and their “past relationship”. (And the fact she launched a whole new feature on her blog with my book!) I forwarded the review link to my CP who emailed me and said, “I love the way she describes it in her own words, but they end up being just how you were thinking when you Read more »

Another Good Review for HEAT!

This one from Night Owl Romance:

…Stolen Heat is an awesome combination of deadly suspense, edgy action and a wonderful romance with characters that you’ll laugh, cry and yell with. I had a great time reading it and I’m definitely looking forward to more of Ms. Naughton’s books.
–Wendy, NOR Reviewer

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New Review for STOLEN FURY

This one’s too good NOT to post.

From Daniel Boucher’s review of STOLEN FURY at I believe when it comes to romance, most people have a preconceived notion of helpless, bored women who lie around waiting to be saved by some steel-jawed handsome hero that can do no wrong. I was one of these types. I wasn’t prepared for what Elisabeth gives the reader with her lead heroine, Lisa Maxwell. Lisa is a strong woman, smart, beautiful, and not afraid of her own sexuality. I also wasn’t prepared for the great plot and an enticing storyline that kept me turning Read more »

Fun Stuff

Hey all!

Today I’m hanging with the Romance Bandits, talking about Facebook and other social networking sites. Stop by and comment for a chance to win an autographed copy of STOLEN FURY!

In other fun news…

I got a GREAT review from The Chicago Tribune yesterday for STOLEN FURY, and was tickled pink to see my name in the headline with Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jayne Ann Krentz, Jennifer Cruise, Connie Brockway and Anne Stuart. Totally made my day.

I also had a fun (and fabulous!) review posted at Closetwriter, which you should definitely check out.

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I’m Thankful For…

…the fact Thanksgiving Vacation is over!

Oh, man. It’s been a crazy week here. The Gremlins were off school ALL last week due to conferences and the Thanksgiving Holiday. Couple that with the DH who is home recovering from surgery, and you can only imagine the chaos. So far (and there are still several hours left before the vacation is ‘officially’ over), I think we suffered 3 major catastrophes…a broken candlestick (which I loved), thanks to a Superman game the boys played that involved a blanket as a cape, running and (of course) screaming – paint all over the kitchen … Read more »

PW Likes me!!

Okay, not me, but my book. 🙂

I awoke this morning to emails from both my editor and the marketing department at Dorchester, sharing the good news.

Fiction Reviews
— Publishers Weekly, 11/3/2008

Stolen Fury, Elisabeth Naughton. Dorchester/Love Spell, $6.99 (336p) ISBN 978-0-505-52793-6

In Naughton’s rock-solid debut, the first of a trilogy, a duo searching for three magnificent bas-reliefs of the Greek Furies find romance and danger as well. For 15 years, since the death of her lover, Dr. Lisa Maxwell has been obsessed with reuniting the sculptures of Alecto, Megaera and Tisiphone. She’s furious when art thief Rafe Sullivan Read more »

A Little Good News To Share

“Elisabeth Naughton can spin a tale to captivate the reader and take them for a ride. The locations in this book are some of the most exotic but are still just a backdrop to the main characters. The hero and heroine are both flawed but still loveable and therefore believable. The author really took the time to look into the Puerto Rican and Greek cultures to make the story authentic. Rafe has a sexy Spanish accent with which he says the sweetest things every woman would love to hear. Ms. Naughton skillfully kept the identity of the villain a secret Read more »