4 Stars from RT!!

STOLEN HEAT , which releases July 28, 2009, got a fabulous 4 star review from RTBOOKReviews!!!


Exciting, action-packed and fast moving, this story seamlessly alternates from the present to the past. A first-rate mystery, it has well-developed characters and a suspenseful and satisfying climax. A fine romantic thread winds through it all.

Summary: Katherine Meyer supposedly died six years ago in a car bombing in Egypt. To stay alive, she must stay “dead” to all from her past. But she risks it all to break into an auction house and recover an old artifact that hides secrets some would kill for. She doesn’t get away clean, though — she is recognized by the bad guys and her former lover, the man who deceived her, Peter Kauffman. When the killers come after Peter, Kat saves him, and the two go on the run. Together, they try to figure out who wants to kill her and what truths they don’t want exposed. (LOVE SPELL, Aug., 352 pp., $7.99) HOT
—Susan Mobley, RTBOOKReviews


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