30 Days of Treasure Hunting! – DAY 11 – Beth Williamson!

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Sarah Spalding has learned to forge her own way and never to trust anyone – least of all a Yankee. But when her companion abandons her while on a train to Colorado, Sarah begrudgingly accepts the help of Whitman Kendrick – a Yankee, yes, but one with the most bewitching green eyes. Allowing Whit to be her traveling escort is one thing, taking him as a lover is another – even though she’s tempted beyond reason…Whit Kendrick isn’t quite sure what to make of the sharp-tongued, sassy woman sharing his train compartment. All he knows is that Sarah is refreshingly different from most women – and his urgent, primal attraction for her is unlike any he’s experienced. Breaking down Sarah’s wall of defense won’t be easy. But Whit is determined to prove to Sarah that they’re more alike than different – and loving each other is all they need.

Beth’s giving away a copy of The Redemption of Micah to one lucky commenter today. To be entered into the drawing, find the answer to this question: What’s the family name in the series of 7 books that begins with The Bounty?

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Dark Secrets or Embarrassing Truths

Many guest blog posts are about books, writing, heroes, heroines, etc. Today I’m going to step away from that (although I have a new release next Tuesday – yay!), and tell y’all some dark secrets… or embarrassing truths.

You know we go through life with a face we show the world. It might be a happy face, an angry face, a cynical face or perhaps even an apathetic face. I’d like to think I have an optimistic face, whether or not I have reason to be optimistic.

However, my life is not always rosy. I find myself in daily battles with my two teenage sons (13 and 17) and stand-offs with my DH (also an alpha who tends to have an opposite opinion from me). And then of course, there’s my battles with myself. Therein lies my dark secret.

My self-confidence sucks. *sigh* I’ve always struggled with it, since I was a kid really. It was lost in the shuffle of marriage, kids in my twenties, and then a job to stay afloat in the tough world of reality. I finally got a boost up with my first book publication, which promptly took a nose dive when I found out I sold 26 copies. LOL.

It’s a long hard road to believe in yourself, m’dears. I know that for a fact. I’ve been on the mountain of loose dirt for a long time. With each foot I climb up, I’ll slide back a bit. Hanging on gets really hard some days but with help from my friends and family, I continue to climb.

What?? You might be shocked to think I have little self-confidence, or you might be nodding your head in agreement, stuck in the same boat. I envy people who are so amazingly self-confident they can forge ahead and climb the mountain without any safety gear. I’m so wrapped up in harnesses, ropes and carabiners, I can feel the weight of them.

The announcement a few weeks ago that I had been nominated for a Career Achievement award in Erotic Romance by Romantic Times magazine simply blew me away (http://www.rtbookreviews.com/temp/RT.09.Nominees.pdf). I mean, my first thought was, did they maybe accidently nominate me? Really, me??? I don’t mind telling you I cried a little. It was as if I could see the top of the mountain, still not quite in reach, but achievable.

It’s a struggle to be optimistic when you find yourself doubting your own abilities, but I put on my optimistic face every day. What’s life without hoping and dreaming for something? That’s why we read and write romance right? I always hope, always dream, and always hang onto the slope. Someday I’m gonna reach the top.