30 Days of Treasure Hunting! – DAY 12 – Denise Agnew!

Enter, enter…

With her job gone and life plan wrecked, Leigh Strong takes a vacation from reality before she putting it all back together again. A shootout puts her in the sight of SWAT cop Craig MacGilvary, the man she is fiercely drawn to. She finds his strong and silent personality too uptight and decides he needs to live a little. She’s determined to discover if he’s really stoic, or if under all that starch burns a man of fire.

Leigh’s in-your-face style disturbs Craig’s desire for order, and the feral attraction he feels for her arouses a fierce need to protect. When her past and his catch up with them, and danger follows hot on their heels, the perils they’ll face apart and together will test all their resolve in both career and love.

Denise is giving away a Victoria’s Secret Gift Card to one lucky commenter today. All you have to do to enter is answer this question: What color is Jake Sullivan’s eyes in the book PRIVATE MANEUVERS?

Thanks so much for being here, Denise!