Day 2 MARKED Excerpt!

Don’t forget my MARKED Release Contest starts Saturday! In addition to a ton of great daily prizes (at least two per day!), I’m also giving away three $25 gift cards to the online book store of choice. See the MARKED Release Contest Deets post for how to enter!

Between now and Saturday I’m posting snippets from MARKED to whet your appetite for the book’s release on April 27th! Here’s another fun one from book one in the Eternal Guardians Series!

Excerpted from MARKED
Release Date: April 27, 2010

Theron’s eyes popped open when he realized he wasn’t alone after all.

“I heard you moving around in there,” a sultry female voice called from the other side of the door. “Can I come in?”

Holy skata. What in Hades was this?

He scrambled for the quilt and pulled it over his very aroused body. And as the sexual haze cleared from his mind and his night vision sharpened, he realized this wasn’t his bed.

No, not his bed, not his house, and that definitely wasn’t a voice he recognized.

“Are you okay in there?” That voice now held an edge of panic. The doorknob rattled and turned.

Theron’s nerves kicked in as he pushed himself up against the headboard. He gritted his teeth at the stab of pain in his leg and glanced around the room. He couldn’t see his clothes. Or his weapons.

Double skata.

He caught his breath as the door pushed open. Then exhaled on a smothered groan when a tall, dark- haired beauty with eyes like a violet sunrise stepped into the room.

She wore faded jeans and a white V-neck sweater. Dark wavy hair fell around her shoulders. Her nose was straight, her chin slightly pointy, her cheekbones sharp as they caught what little light was coming through the windows. But none of that was what made him swallow back a resurging burst of lust. No, it was looking at those plump, delicious pink lips
framing a sultry mouth, which curved into a nervous smile. A smile he recognized. Just the sight sent his cock screaming for release once more.

His dream gynaíka.

It all came back in a rush. She was the one who’d rescued him in the parking lot behind that club. The same one who’d brought him to her home, tended his wounds, tucked him into her bed and whispered reassuring words in his ear.

Just breathe.

His skin went hot at the memory of her sexy voice. She was the one he’d fantasized about only moments before. The same one he desperately wanted to get inside right now.

Only she wasn’t Argolean. No, this gorgeous beauty was human.


Just the word revolving around in his brain dimmed his arousal and set off a buzzing in his chest that put him on guard.

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