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Good News!

Happy Dancing today for good friend and fellow GH-er, Kristina McMorris, who got the call from Kensington! Way to go, Kris!!!!… Read more »

More Good News & Free Books!

Seems everyone’s jumping on the good news about romance novels.

This is from today’s episode of the Today Show:

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And are you in the mood for $100 worth of free books? My editor’s having an awesome egg hunt contest. Go play!!!Read more »


Hard to believe I haven’t blogged since the 6th! Things have been busy here. My hubby had back surgery last week. He came through fine, spend 3 days in the hospital and came home on Monday night. We’re in recovery mode now (me, too!) and taking it day by day. Though I have definitely decided I made the right choice NOT being a home health care professional. I love my hubby dearly but as he pointed out this morning, I have very little patience. (I think he called me Kathy Bates at one point which did NOT go over well. … Read more »

The Writing Community

I always knew writers were amazing people, but I didn’t know how amazing until this past week.

I can’t begin to tell you how many people have contacted me with congrats on my first sale(s). Some I expected – those in my local RWA chapter, my critique partners, close friends and family – but many I didn’t expect, especially the numerous writers I’ve met along my path to publication who I never in my wildest dreams suspected would remember me or honestly care about my sales. Each time I open my email and there’s a new Congratulations! message in my … Read more »


I have news to share.

This morning I accepted an offer for a three-book deal from Dorchester Publishing!!!

The offer was for my 2007 GH finaling manuscript – Make Me Believe – and two more. It’s been a crazy couple of days filled with agent phone calls, contract negotiations and a bit of stress, but it’s finally starting to sink in.

I sold!!!!

I still can’t believe it.… Read more »