Done & Gone

My revisions are out the door and off to my agent. (Woohoo!!! Thanks to J for reading and critting for me so fast – J, you’re da bomb!) Feels good to get those done. Now I’m back to the grindstone on the wip – which I haven’t looked at in probably a month – ay ya ya. I’m halfway done and want to get through the first draft by the end of March.

Since the house is a pit and laundry’s been neglected for over a week, today is catch up day. But hopefully I’ll get some time to reread the last few chapters on the wip and get my head back in the game. (So I have something to think about while I’m folding, folding, folding…my life is so exciting. LOL)

Next week is my chapter meeting – which I haven’t prepped for yet – then our annual beach writing retreat the weekend after. I’m looking forward to that – and to making some serious progress on the wip while I’m there. And in the meantime, my daughter signed me up to teach a tie-dying science unit to her class of third graders which I need to plan and shop for. (Read: SUCKER!) I taught junior high science for nine years. And this unit specifically – so it shouldn’t be a big deal. But…third graders? Oh boy….I did my student teaching in a 2-3-4 blended classroom and swore I’d never teach elementary school again. ESPECIALLY something as messy as tie-dying. Wish me luck…