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Little Things


I’ve come up for air. Sorry to be so slack, but I’ve been in major revision mode. The good news? I am DONE with the revisions on STOLEN FURY and STOLEN HEAT. And the even better news? Going back through both of these books, I have totally fallen in love with the hero and heroine for STOLEN SEDUCTION (they’re secondary characters in the first two books). Of course, I already liked them before (obviously), but now I can’t wait to get seriously cooking on this book instead of dallying while I work on the others.

In other news…lots of … Read more »

RWA, Fun Stuff, Blogging & A Contest Winner!

Yeah, yeah, I know. I said I was going to update the blog more often and here it’s been a whole week already. What’s up with that?

*Sigh* A few things.

First, I had to send my computer in for service. Sticky key thing. The loaner laptop I was using was fine, but the screen would randomly short out now and then – which was very irritating. Then to top that off, I’ve been working like a fiend trying to finish my paranormal RS before I dive into my revisions on my first two contracted books with Dorchester. Which … Read more »

Done & Gone

My revisions are out the door and off to my agent. (Woohoo!!! Thanks to J for reading and critting for me so fast – J, you’re da bomb!) Feels good to get those done. Now I’m back to the grindstone on the wip – which I haven’t looked at in probably a month – ay ya ya. I’m halfway done and want to get through the first draft by the end of March.

Since the house is a pit and laundry’s been neglected for over a week, today is catch up day. But hopefully I’ll get some time to reread … Read more »